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Definition of convenient:

  1. Suitable; fit; adapted to use or wants; commodious.


well-provided, reachable, next to, united, trouble-free, well-off, comfortable, favorable, cheerful, conducive, fitted, meet, at rest, agreeable, acceptable, spacious, commodious, near, mindless, ready to hand, befitting, adapted, adaptable, cheery, manageable, attached, roomy, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), disturbing, at ease, satisfactory, nearby, unserviceable, next door, perfect, tailor-made, proper, possible, beside, agree, pleasant, ready, good, favourable, snug, elementary, well-to-do, opportune, contented, genial, well-chosen, accessible, ideal, alongside, undemanding, simple, satisfied, handy, effortless, suited.

Usage examples: