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Definition of converse:

  1. Familiar discourse or talk.
  2. In math., an opposite proposition; in logic, a sentence or proposition in which the terms are interchanged, as putting the predicate for the subject.
  3. Opposite; reciprocal.
  4. To talk familiarly with; to speak with, as a friend with a friend; to convey thoughts and opinions in friendly intercourse.


discourse, study at speak, dialogue, confab, discussion, otherwise, engage someone in conversation, get into conversation (with someone), to the contrary, pass the time of day (with someone), visit, dissertate, speech, have a talk with, speak, intercourse, confabulate, confabulation, paradoxical, communion, reversed, transposed, speak, intercommunication, jaw, catch up, rap, conflicting, conversely, conversation, colloquy, words, hold forth, different, exchange, communication, opposed, talk about, vice versa, knowledge, antonymous, fall into conversation, backward, conference.

Usage examples: