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Definition of conversion:

  1. Change from one state to another; a change of heart or disposition evidenced by a new course of life and love to God; change from one side, party, or religion to another.


transition, changeover, transmogrification, passing, reincarnation, rebirth, flux, conversion kick, variety, spiritual rebirth, inducing, transmigration, fly half, stabilization, volte-face, turning point, resolution, exchange, line-out, convincing, leap, transmutation, turnaround, game-changing, innovation, progress, metempsychosis, place kick, reversion, translation, suasion, reduction, reappraisal, vicissitude, convert, adaption, renewing, establishing, prop, desertion, turn, inducement, novelty, turnabout, fifteen, renewal, transubstantiation, about-face, a change of heart, renascence, revolution, settlement, on second thought, persuading, growth, metanoia, lock, Australian Rules football, passage.

Usage examples: