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Definition of convert:

  1. One changed; one turned from sin to holiness.
  2. To change from one state to another; to turn from one religion, party, or sect to another; to turn to love God; to change from one use or destination to another.


votarist, switch over, acolyte, disciple, proselyte, interchange, sway, turn into, proponent, transmute, switch, liege man, translate, epigone, get in with, friend, reason with, follower, Australian Rules football, persuade, sympathizer, commute, convince, prop, change over, conversion kick, carry, transmogrify, win over, substitute, permute, exponent, metamorphose, place kick, make into, beginner, partisan, exchange, lock, fifteen, sweeten up, shift, ideologue, deepen, supporter, pupil, sponsor, reverse, transfer, veer, advocate, fly half, revise, line-out, target, qualify, disciple, replace, woo, transubstantiate, neophyte, turn, votary, neophyte, conversion.

Usage examples: