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Definition of convey:

  1. To carry; to bear or transport; to pass or transmit, as a right; to transfer; to impart; to communicate.


guide, acquire, bestow, adopt, fill, institute, give, admit, acquit, have a bun in the oven, amaze, commence, set out, buzz off, baffle, mother, evince, withdraw, stimulate, lift, assume, shift, dribble, bring in, lead, read, pose, dumbfound, knowledge, canalize, father, bring, schlep, transport, accompanied, claim, stock, add, contribute, pay back, utter, aim, transmit, engage, occupy, lug, film, alienate, sway, rent, verbalize, need, obliqueness, transfuse, exchange contracts, drive, wreak, verbalise, bewilder, train, experience, issue, get down, voice, obtain, render, take on, work, channelise, postulate, receive, capture, remortgage, assign, haul off, carry, look at, contract, announce, state, necessitate, channel, transfer, leave, develop, move, declare, consider, break, subscribe, words, deal, give tongue to, comport, bugger off, use up, arrive, manifest, disclose, get hold of, play, let, sublet, report, get across, commune, get at, talk, bring forward, engender, contain, ferry, expect, behave, choose, make over, pass, land, perplex, study, cause, alien, involve, pass along, impart, skirt, pronounce, press out, mortgage, pass on, start out, call for, canalise, change, take in, suffer, grant, beat, deport, sublease, get under one's skin, escort, communicate, shepherd, pay off, mystify, begin, scram, inform, take away, fix, transmit, proclaim, ingest, hand, say, notify, tote, bring forth, strike, evade, intercommunicate, shoot, demand, make, arrest, stick, tell, flummox, incur, stupefy, fetch, select, find, vent, make for, beget, carry, take up, extract, cede, broadcast, stockpile, air, ask, pick out, hold, display, carry on, submit, catch, take, puzzle, set about, show, get, lease, run, subscribe to, lend, have, go, take aim, sell, vocalize, gestate, parry, direct, require, generate, vex, hire, intimate, spread, persuade, law, address, consume, nonplus, hedge, articulate, deed, post, remove, put across, imply, walk, extend, allow, start, beam, learn, accept, sire, exact, come, pack, sign over, mince (your) words, become, gravel, over, produce, grow, charter, sustain, channelize.

Usage examples: