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Definition of conveyance:

  1. The act of conveying or removing; the act of transmitting or transferring, as property; the deed which transfers anything to another, as property; the means of carrying a thing from place to place, as a waggon, a railway, a canal.


transfer, conveying, move, balloon mortgage, raptus, impartation, personal transporter, transport, conveyance of title, imparting, ecstasy, closing, carrier, public transport, departure, assignment, bridge loan, movement, coaster, carry-over, appraisal, transportation system, arrivals, link, exaltation, bath, exile, diesel, mass transit, chain, transit, BR, blockbusting, conveyancing, transportation, grant, transfer of training, motor vehicle, escort, law, public transportation, deportation, expatriation, alienation, amphibian, tape transport, service, machine, flier, tape drive, transferee, building society, appraise, rapture, transmission, transferal, communication, transferral, fare.

Usage examples: