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Definition of conviction:

  1. The act of finding or proving guilty; strong belief grounded on evidence; the act of making, or being made, sensible of sin or error.


sentence, judgment, attitude, face, assuredness, positiveness, prison term, acquit, article of faith, mind, citation, stand, annul, bar, notion, reputation, composure, temerity, acquittal, disapprobation, certain, self-esteem, credendum, condemnation, verdict, punishment, audacity, execration, impression, eye, self-confidence, self-assessment, assent, self-assurance, feeling, blame, award, viewpoint, bring in a verdict, sentiment, call for, charge, pride, cocksureness, judgment of conviction, satisfaction, reliance, persuasion, time, position, doubtlessness, curse, strong belief, stance, credit, chutzpah.

Usage examples: