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Definition of cook:

  1. One whose occupation is to dress food for the table.
  2. To dress victuals for the table; to prepare for any purpose.


train, James Cook, hedge, work, get to, counterfeit, do, captain cook, salad chef, fasten, make up, dodge, spend a penny, realize, earn, devise, ca-ca, ingestion, bring in, urinate, pee-pee, doctor, fixate, seduce, elude, garble, groom, nominate, pull strings, foodie, control, pull wires, Betty Crocker, interpolate, culinary, restore, repair, lay down, pay back, bullshit, induce, caterer, organize, situate, establish, score, define, gear up, Captain James Cook, educate, cause, touch on, desexualise, posit, unsex, stool, produce, defecate, fudge, prepare, wee-wee, organise, name, put off, pee, evade, get, circumvent, mend, build, manipulate, pull in, micturate, charbroil, alter, give, piddle, crap, cordon bleu, sidestep, wangle, specify, limit, clear, parry, realise, arrive at, stimulate, fix, desexualize, baste, boil down, throw, warp, reach, machinate, take in, pretend, deposit, culinarian, cooking, falsify, set, meat cook, determine, pass water, belie, forge, cookery, duck, skirt, bushel, take a crap, make, bull, short-order cook, baker, furbish up, make water, wee, cuisine, relieve oneself, ready, hit, brown, sterilize, set up, sous-chef, finagle, draw, rig, progress to, take, take a leak, cooker, mess sergeant, shit, puddle, constitute, fake, have, develop, misrepresent, piss, secure, pay off, head cook, manage, sterilise, attain, chef, hold, desex, talk through one's hat, keep in line, make believe, form, take a shit, gain, get up, distort, create, construct.

Usage examples: