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Definition of cool:

  1. A moderate state of cold; freedom from heat or warmth.
  2. Moderately cold; not excited by passion of any kind; not hasty; not retaining heat; indifferent; self- possessed; impudent in a high degree.
  3. To make moderately cold; to lessen heat; to allay passion of any kind; to moderate; to become indifferent; to become less hot, angry, zealous, or affectionate.


primo, cool it, Also cold, stellar, numbing, four-star, OK, noble, modernistic, first-rate, chilly, collect, to a fault, the cool, cooled, untroubled, corking, trendy, gilt-edged, gelid, warm, chintzy, sweep over, fantastic, fantabulous, topping, ablaze, there's no comparison, swish, peachy keen, cooling, chilled, sterling, in, world-weary, distant, tepid, bang-up, crispy, ambient, number one, def, jim-dandy, blase, superlative, colored, unsociable, heighten, gone, polar, awesome, overheat, gotcha, hot, creamy, bored, button-through, fantastical, restraint, fortune, fabulous, unperturbed, nipping, top, payout, glacial, simmer down, unclubbable, best, air-cooled, prizewinning, offish, beautiful, modish, there's nothing/no place like something, wintry, standoffish, reticent, restless, air-conditioned, ahead of your/its etc. time, standoff, bone-chilling, hard-eyed, cold-eyed, even, self-possessed, heavenly, ripping, sensational, chill, neat, you ought to see/hear/meet etc., coolish, wealth, great, top-of-the-line, impudent, coldish, withdrawn, toast, wizard, pulse, color, unqualified, beyond/without compare, five-star, coolness, cracking, bumper, freezing, hep, down, hip, dandy, uninspired, big bucks, I know what you mean, fashionable, blue-chip, recollected, brave, limpid, at ease, advanced, tip-top, classic, highly, chill, poise, snappy, attitude, cold, A-OK, buttoned-up, fry, underplay, gangbusters, unfriendly, caller, out-of-sight, color-coded, groovy, swell, futuristic, happening, coolheaded, solitary, glorious, grip, dynamite, backless, par excellence, I know, level, bracing, fresh, choice, stylish, refreshing, supernal, peachy, hype, surge, dreamy, at one with, antiseptic, exclusive, exercise restraint, cool off, body temperature, phat, super, nerveless, bleached, nippy, grow, righteous, blue-ribbon, room temperature, wonderful, frontline, clammy, terrific, unenthusiastic, bold, I see/take your point, warm up, lovely, lukewarm, unshaken, space-age, water-cooled, clingy, cool-headed, grand, prime, laid-back, casual, supercool, cream, nonchalant, deliberate, prize, A-line, contemporary, all right, unapproachable, than someone/something put together, unworried, run, pile, engulf, calorific, monumental, chewy, nifty, superb, possessed, boffo, antisocial, undemonstrative, asocial, caramelized, splendid, come over, tremendous, mod, famous, top-notch, big money, mint, brag, contain, A1, precooled, smart, turned-on, not/never in your (wildest) dreams, torpid, state-of-the-art, remote, crackerjack, control, brazen, numero uno, banner, downtown, heat, assuredness, fed up, now, indifferent, restrain oneself, radical, heating, uncommunicative, calm down, if you like, self-possession, frozen, boot-cut, immense, bright, quality, chic, boss, capital, fab, marvelous, calm, divine, first-string, fine, unsurpassed, sang-froid, dope, windfall, brief, megabucks, shivery, bitter, slick, listless, composed, high-class, brittle, dispassionate, top-flight, of course, brash, arctic, thaw, top-shelf, temperate, cool down, algid, biting, chill out, I see, buttery, unresponsive, good, superior, button-down, baggy, voguish, first-class, equal, clean, aplomb, up-to-the-minute, settle down, bonny, mean, bully, au courant, ice-cold, feeble.

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