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Definition of copy:

  1. An imitation; a likeness of a thing; a pattern or example for imitation.
  2. To write, print, paint, & c., from an original or pattern; to imitate; to follow in habits or manners; to try to be like; to act in imitation of.


replicate, study, plagiary, model, reflection, proof, access, fair copy, dub, transcription, type, cheesecake, fake, assume, portrait, sketch, similitude, substitute, mimeograph copy, cheat, announcement, representation, mirror image, capture, semblance, falsify, photograph, knockoff, dupe, transcript, centerfold, original, example, effigy, counterpart, drawing, block, offprint, back up, typescript, byline, simulacre, shadow, mannerism, map, advice column, retroflex, example, pinchbeck, specimen, be caught with your hand in the cookie jar, hard copy, facsimile, banner headline, photostat, archive, hustle, mimeograph sheet, forgery, impression, microfilm, imitation, author, transcript, semblance, carbon copy, article, simulate, tracing, classified ad, knock off, browse, examined copy, microcopy, same, do likewise, ersatz, repetition, burn, forge, specimen, certified copy, burn in, chart, portrait, call up, insinuate yourself (into something), microfiche, plan, take your cue from someone, reduplicate, written matter, run off, reprint, text, carbon copy, photocopy, pack, duplicate, artwork, follow, follow in someone's footsteps, counterfeit, reduplication, forgery, proof, fax, Likeness, illustration, counterpart, dummy, follow the crowd/go with the crowd, re-create, rubbing, image, get your hands dirty.

Usage examples: