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Definition of cord:

  1. A string or small rope having the strands or plies well twisted; a quantity of wood formerly measured by a cord; that by which persons are caught, held, or drawn; in Scrip., a snare; a musical string.
  2. To bind; to fasten with cords or rope.


outlet, corduroy, alligator clip, adapter, incendiary, marabou, safety belt, electric cord, braid, accessorise, corsage, fagot, fiber, live, clip, hookup, flounce, wire, matchstick, vinculum, beading, chain, ligature, holder, ligament, fan, crocodile clip, knot, lacing, frill, link, cable, poker, line, safety match, faggot, rubber band, tie, binding, thew, spill, jack, match, cement, muscle.

Usage examples: