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Definition of corn:

  1. A horny excrescence on a toe or some other part of the foot, very troublesome and painful.
  2. A single seed or grain of one of the edible plants; grain of all kinds- applied to wheat, barley, oats, rye, maize, & c.
  3. To cure meat with salt in grains.


Zea mays, arable, abscess, bran, sweet corn, mush, maize, hominy, corn whiskey, crop, buckwheat, schmaltz, sorghum, clavus, cash crop, blackhead, boil, corn whisky, green corn, popcorn, athlete's foot, crop rotation, soap opera, blotch, all-purpose flour, corn on the cob, cornflakes, basmati, cereal, Indian Corn, gamboge, sludge, brown rice, black eye, combine, arrowroot, bulgur, grain, crop circle, edible corn, slush, lemon, field corn, abrasion, bedsore, blister, blemish, cultivated, lemon yellow, wheat, cultivate, goo.

Usage examples: