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Definition of cornerstone:

Synonyms for cornerstone:

innovation, fanny, staple, addition, hind end, alkali, bedrock, underpinning, priority, hindquarters, tail end, foundation, posterior, buttocks, root word, bottom, brickwork, stand, arse, pedestal, buns, grounding, butt, warp, ceiling, bay, nucleotide, tush, footing, foundation stone, backside, rear end, can, nates, balcony, origination, al-Qaeda, bag, fundament, tail, warp and woof, derriere, prat, beading, catacombs, basis, understructure, key, fundamental, starting point, base, ass, founding, institution, theme, root, bum, radix, memorial stone, rump, floor, seat, feature, al-Qaida, radical, substructure, foundation garment, tooshie, stem, al-Qa'ida, ground, instauration, rudiment, rear, over, behind, body, burning issue/question, keister, groundwork, alcove, introduction, core, foot, keystone, creation, infrastructure, home, concern, essence, element, initiation, base of operations, stern.

Usage examples: