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Definition of corporation:

  1. A number of individuals formed into one body, and authorised by law to act as one person; the municipal authorities of a town or city.


grass, mickle, fellowship, outfit, potty, bow window, crapper, belly, commode, acquisition, stomach, companionship, tidy sum, spate, beer belly, tum, batch, familiarity, agent, plenty, big business, confederation, good deal, flock, base, throne, peck, dope, great deal, jackpot, raft, slew, passel, multinational, smoke, potbelly stove, connection, weed, directorate, club, flowerpot, the biz, corp, paunch, heap, sess, pile, potentiometer, mountain, council, society, administration, confederacy, blue chip, deal, muckle, sens, lot, potbelly, stool, bay window, organization, lodge, skunk, agency, mass, mess, quite a little, kitty, locoweed, customs, affiliate, community, potful, wad, group, friendship, hatful, conjunction, sight, stack, branch, fraternity, participation, gut, mint, federation, tummy, association, house, bureau, account, breadbasket, alliance, anchor, green goddess, can, union, the civil service, pot, gage, toilet.

Usage examples: