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Definition of correction:

  1. The act of correcting; amendment; punishment.


fixing, mending, bear market, solution, broker-dealer, calculation, fudge factor, step change, subject area, turnaround, bailiwick, determination, a change for the better/worse, indemnification, subject, lesson, bear, wrath, subject field, costing, a slap on the wrist, leniency, count, process of elimination, bondholder, repairing, rectification, resolution, answer, leap, reorganization, upswing, addition, bull, revision, way out, repair, remodeling, bid, desert, compromise, reconstruction, heuristics, discipline, bid price, development, field, boost, changing, self-improvement, field of study, assessment, nemesis, arithmetic, comeuppance, bearish, change, fix, amelioration, study, makeover, emendation, chastening, amendment, reward, computation, bull market, bullish, chastisement, reparation.

Usage examples: