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Definition of correspond:

  1. To stand in the place of; to supply the place, perform the duties, exercise the rights, or receive the share, of; to speak and act with authority in behalf of; to act the part of ( another); as, an heir represents his ancestor; an attorney represents his client in court; a member of Congress represents his district in Congress.


flout, suit, harmonize, ensure, comport with, consort, total, touch, symbolize, go, equalise, hit, control, scoff, fit out, send word, act, crack, map, go over, make up, intend, stack up, harmonise, score, mark off, mark, go with, check up on, change course, add, constitute, ascertain, represent, concord, delay, rack up, compare, check, accommodate, chalk up, tot, befit, curb, liken, tot up, cope with, add together, couple, hold back, determine, equip, gybe, consist, rival, outfit, summate, be, moderate, tick, agree, stop, lay out, break, same, hold, present, train, amount, accord, check out, pit, jeer, insure, learn, resemble, barrack, drop a line, check over, jibe, stage, hear from, stand for, retard, discipline, chequer, assure, square, contain, tick off, check off, equate, turn back, quadrate, fit in, signify, hold still for, condition, jib, symbolise, conform, look into, typify, gibe, comprise, checker, match, suss out, mean, concur, see to it, find out, see, watch, play, fit, exemplify, pair, play off, meet, sum up, communicate, twin, equalize, become, check into, oppose, mate, hold in, arrest, tote up, add up, measure up, sum, chime, tally, conform to, interpret, defend.

Usage examples: