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Definition of correspondence:

  1. Suitableness; fitness; intercourse by letters or otherwise; the letters so sent.


commensurateness, equalizer, snail mail, symmetry, remainder, equipoise, interrelate, have something to do with something, parcel post, residuum, liaison, common denominator, contact, packet, parallelism, balance wheel, counterweight, conformance, link, be bound up/together, balance, residue, arrangement, surround, residual, congruity, alikeness, printed matter, agree, paperwork, cross-fertilization, equilibrium, proportion, accord, articulation, keeping, agreement, be associated with, mapping, ephemera, papers, counterpoise, counterbalance, bear on, symmetricalness, commonality, interaction, uniformness, equaliser, uniformity, concord, proportionateness, congruence, likeness, similitude, analogy, harmony, do with, resemblance, understanding, rest, similarity, pack, accordance, same, conformity, conformation, comparability, self-expression, correspond, communication, parallel, mail, transmission, isotropy, material, comparison, proportionality, affinity, map, rewrite, equivalence, matter, documentation, discourse, pertain to, harmonization, community, chime.

Usage examples: