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Definition of corrosive:

  1. Consuming; wearing away; fretting; vexing.
  2. Having the power of corroding.
  3. That which corrodes.


caustic, slashing, trenchant, black, erosive, attack, barbed, blistering, scathing, difficult, troublesome, catalytic, smart-aleck, embarrassing, chemical, tart, astringent, pungent, sarcastic, acidulous, mordacious, alkaloid, biting, stinging, sharp, acerb, satiric, active, biting, contentious, anaerobic, scalding, bad, destructive, acrid, alkaline, sardonic, disruptive, acid, invidious, acerbic, chemical equation, respect, adverse, anaerobic, smart-mouthed, sulfurous, mordant, truculent, concentrated, problematic, fraught, sulphurous, smart-alecky, incisive, vitriolic, grim, cutting, acidic, aerobic, snarky.

Usage examples: