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Definition of corruption:

  1. Wickedness; putrescence; perversion; depravity; bribery.


putridness, ruin, decomposition, iniquity, barbarism, crime, extortion, shuffle, fraud, demoralization, reliability, smoke and mirrors, demolition, solecism, profligacy, libertinage, foul play, trustworthiness, depravity, the ravages of something, deception, misconduct, malfeasance, putrescence, devastation, flagitiousness, deceit, honest, destruction, subversion, guile, rottenness, pervertedness, dissipatedness, abjection, vulgarism, misrepresentation, bestiality, degeneracy, decadency, libertinism, duplicity, decadence, sabotage, licentiousness, clean, dissipation, festering, pollution, damage, venality, corruptness, double-dealing, racket, villainy, breakdown, excess, style, harm, turpitude, rakishness, enormity, truthfulness, rot, spoilage, havoc, wrong, degenerateness, dissoluteness.

Usage examples: