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Definition of cost:

  1. Costliness.
  2. Law charges.
  3. The price or value of a thing; expense; charge; expense of any kind; pain; suffering.
  4. To be had at the price; to be bought for; to require to be given, laid out, bestowed, or employed; to cause to bear or suffer.


loose on, speak to, live, spoil, follow, fee, command, overshadow, the ravages of something, destruction, price tag, salute, personify, hail, blind trust, bottom out, appraise, apostrophize, comprise, cost an arm and a leg, neutralize, ante, cancellation, bell, bail, sabotage, cause, toll, greet, freight, come in at, constitute, be extra, havoc, cancel, assignment, expenditure, cancel out, Be, cost a pretty penny, outgo, represent, buy, alienate, cheapen, capping, bounce back, sacrifice, price, cost/pay the earth, bill, sell for, transactions, devastation, offer, beat down, exist, set back, appeal, alienation, demolition, court, make up, monetary value, equal, work out, go for, woo, climb, offset, approach, taint, get your money's worth, not come cheap, terms, decay, ruin, assign, cap, address, attest, disbursement, embody, bargain.

Usage examples: