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Definition of cotton:

  1. A soft downy substance resembling fine wool, obtained from the pods of a plant grown in warm countries; the cloth made from it; calico.
  2. Made of or pert. to cotton.


corset, barkcloth, toady, compass, truckle, bracken, braces, assimilate, perceive, get, agave, bindweed, cast, register, catch, seize, betel, know, slaver, harmonize, savvy, make, barley, make out, bootlick, brownnose, bobbin, bandage, compress, cringe, notions, cotton ball, cognize, eye, cotton fiber, pin, aloe, apprehend, pinhead, aspidistra, decode, get along, agree, over, kowtow, needle, twig, coir, grasp, conceive, decipher, buckram, cotton wool, grok, cotton plant, apple-polish, bamboo, cotton reel, sense, behold, intuit, dig, pincushion, cotton cloth, suck up, understand, thimble, recognize, Band-Aid, belladonna, see, discern, collar, cane, tumble, appreciate, fawn, bluegrass, catch on, get on, grovel.

Usage examples: