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Definition of council:

  1. An assembly met for consultation or convened to give advice; an ecclesiastical meeting; a municipal body.


consultant, debate, back-and-forth, order, seminar, argument, institute, directorate, back seat driver, appointment, branch, counsel, corporation, apparatus, colloquium, fellowship, audioconferencing, gathering, round-robin, elder, counselor, argumentation, cell, argy-bargy, panel discussion, customs, briefing, AGM, palaver, confabulation, parley, club, convocation, career coach, bureau, institution, consortium, senate, adviser, deliberation, huddle, roundtable, Corp., colloquy, Capitol Hill, Dutch uncle, guild, city council, audience, brotherhood, give-and-take, the civil service, consultation, get-together, powwow, annual meeting, agency, fraternity, advisor, confab, affiliate, sodality, organization, city hall, conclave, bureaucracy, careline, local, dialogue, talk, consult, administration.

Usage examples: