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Definition of counsel:

  1. An advocate.


centering, instruction, propose, mentor, argument, enjoin someone to do something, debate, confabulation, words, attorney-at-law, adjuration, commission, the bar, urge, give-and-take, hide, the bench, admonition, exponent, counselor-at-law, palaver, adviser, colloquy, deliberation, proponent, give someone a steer, consigliere, interpret, send word, back-and-forth, talk, counsellor, rede, counselling, attorney general, would, direction, advocator, pleader, admonishment, focussing, consultant, management, clerk, opinion, give notice, counselor, focus, advocate, circuit judge, recommendation, quiet, apprize, bailiff, confab, argy-bargy, input, conference, dialogue, consultation, parley, counseling, focusing, advice, preach, steering, keep to oneself, way, ambulance chaser, charge, legal eagle, law, apprise, focal point, council, chief justice, argumentation, keep quiet, advise, guidance.

Usage examples: