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Definition of count:

  1. A foreign title of nobility answering to English earl.
  2. A question in arithmetic; a number; act of numbering; total amount; in law, a particular charge in an indictment.
  3. To number; to sum up; to reckon; to ascribe to; to rely on.


view, allowance, figuring, work out, press, correction, beat, counting, wait, numeration, cypher, prove, calculate, except, lord, take care, lie at the heart of something, important, regard, rap, batch, baroness, front, add up, look at, class, import, grand total, bet, bar, attend, bracket, summation, run, balance, sort, baronet, allocation, amount, repetition, group, enumeration, categorize, offense, tally, consort, project, see, aristocracy, librate, cipher, itemise, law-breaking, come, numbering, enumerate, capacity, costing, deem, opine, whole, classify, conceive, deal, expect, loom large, take, the sum total, addition, nobleman, reckon, imagine, aggregation, illegality, moot, cast, direct, signify, earl, look, sum up, debate, exclude, characterize, include, predominate, aristocrat, forecast, running total, baronetcy, baron, matter, count on, emphasize, reckoning, block, seem, tell, weigh, appear, consider, search, keep out, backlog, debar, tale, numerate, shut out, countess, rule out, come before, misdeed, turn over, totality, crime, attempt, await, criminality, dominate, believe, peer, archduke, face, deliberate, aggregate, keep down, play, accumulation, depend, aim, wager, number, eliminate, grade, recite.

Usage examples: