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Definition of counter:

  1. An encounter.


showcase, call, attack, income tax return, manage, antipodal, return key, stand, dinette, comeback, bon mot, get through, department, limit, takings, menswear, issue, tabulator, opposed, breakfast bar, antipodean, payoff, shelf, convertor, dressing room, prognosticate, carry off, dinette set, fitting room, expect, antipathetic, balance, restoration, look for, replica, foreclose, ledge, converse, incompatible, chess, forebode, worktop, sound reflection, board game, restitution, aside, play off, barb, diametric, afterthought, haberdashery, previse, yield, changing room, buffet, hit back, shrug off, look to, card table, snack counter, sideboard, reverse, compressor, negative, restriction, polar, envision, unfriendly, parry, unsympathetic, reappearance, hostile, prevent, agitator, charger, snack bar, Chinese checkers, foreknow, control, contrary, blower, constraint, forestall, calculator, rejoin, domino, restraint, countertop, write back, display case, otherwise, chopping block, overcome, comment, return, untoward, homecoming, butcher block, take, forgiveness, worktable, handle, recurrence, pit, cold store, checkout, foresee, forbid, opposing, disadvantageous, conflicting, surmount, boundary, inimical, checkers, regaining, antithetical, work out, paradoxical, conversely, to the contrary, retort, preclude, allusion, converter, back talk, range, tax return, reproduction, coming back, backchat, bromide, foretell, bagatelle, match, antipathetical, boiler, talk back, heel counter, checker, unfavorable, opposite, checkerboard, contradictory, bargain basement, cope, riposte, antonymous, proceeds, heel, confines, strike back, vice versa, counterpunch, carriage, getting even, promise, backgammon, acknowledgment, paying back, antipathetical, anticipate, dinner table, predict, antagonistic, replication, antonymic, diametrical, answer back, reverberation, rejoinder, limitation, prejudicial.

Usage examples: