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Definition of counteract:

  1. To act in opposition to; to hinder; to defeat; to frustrate.


neutralise, frustrate, corrupt, profane, carry off, baffle, damp, counterbalance, make up, overturn, weaken, counterpoise, soften, pervert, undermine, surmount, stop, bar, countercheck, negate, prevent, deprave, waste, hamper, cope, knock off, antagonise, negative, even off, liquidate, neutralize, invalidate, shrug off, manage, encumber, foil, handle, balk, annul, demoralize, debase, set off, sabotage, countermine, delay, de-escalate, thwart, embarrass, work out, overthrow, countervail, break, step down, even out, vitiate, dampen, do in, interrupt, stay, clog, halt, action, even up, block, bring down, subvert, overcome, get through, retard, antagonize, cave, order, debauch, misdirect, demoralise.

Usage examples: