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Definition of counterbalance:

  1. Equal weight or power.
  2. To weigh against with an equal weight; to act against with an equal power or effect.


fight back, equipoise, antagonize, remunerate, overcompensate, consequence, countermine, chemical equilibrium, substitute, setoff, set-back, counteraction, beginning, parallel, make, decline, pay off, corrective, compensate, start, play off, stolon, turn the scales, even out, offset, oppose, do in, first, approximate, residuum, square up, catch up with, remainder, redress, offset printing, react, knock off, slump, residue, get-go, influence, have something in common (with something), right, represent, liquidate, indemnify, settle, even up, sort out, outset, waste, pit, correspond, castigate, proportion, runner, redeem, reconcile, repair, counter, chastise, labyrinthine sense, patch up, starting time, even, counteract, neutralizer, even off, be, sabotage, symmetry, counterforce, fabricate, order, chasten, make up, cook up, invent, sense of balance, controvert, sense of equilibrium, showtime, commencement, counterweight, neutralise, coincide, outcome, result, discipline, equalizer, fight down, level, outweigh, effect, impact, rectify, vestibular sense, constitute, steady, offshoot, weaken, rest, equaliser, conciliate, balance wheel, the upshot (of something), bear/stand comparison (with), jog, branch, set off, countercheck, residual, fight, equalize, comprise, cover, amount to, proportionality, outgrowth, side effect, canceler, manufacture, subvert, the aftermath, neutralize, defend, flush, countervail, stabilize, end result, counterpoise, recompense, kickoff, equilibrium, antagonise, pay, balance, accord with, match, symmetricalness, objurgate, correspondence, undermine.

Usage examples: