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Definition of country:

  1. Pert. to the districts beyond a town; rural; rustic; untaught; rude.
  2. Rural districts; a kingdom or state; any tract of land; one's residence or native soil.


untaught, commonwealth, demographics, clownish, backup, unpolished, federation, sylvan, countryside, arena, res publica, democracy, state of matter, ground, hillbilly, hick, western, the boondocks, land, awkward, bedroom community, turf, expanse, birth rate, farm, the (great) outdoors, landed estate, artless, backing, blues, politics, country-style, inelegant, surface area, rural area, oligarchy, acid house, bhangra, farming, nonclassical, airspace, a people, overpopulated, ambient, bucolic, homey, plain, green belt, backwoods, republic, unrefined, orbit, the country, autarky, countrified, pop., background music, acid jazz, rude, area, eugenics, boorish, baby boom, provincial, breadbasket, country-bred, state, pastoral, outlandish, the land, protectorate, campestral, bluegrass, earth, sphere, uncultured, nation, folk, verdant, demesne, Co., solid ground, inhabited, rural, agricultural, arcadian, polity, estate, terrain, back country, people, unsophisticated, rustic, coarse, acres, belt, body politic, the boonies, uncouth, the borderland, urban, down-home, bebop, hoidenish, dictatorship, terra firma, backwater, corridor, demographic, the bush, dry land, soil, monarchy.

Usage examples: