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Definition of couple:

  1. To link, chain, or unite one thing to another; to fasten together; to unite as man and wife; to marry.
  2. Two or a pair; the male and female; a man and his wife; two of the same species or kind taken together; a brace.


smattering, family man, agree, breeding ground, catch, distich, equalize, mates, yoke, one or two, few, bachelor, twain, blend, braces, several, oppose, pair off, twosome, four, couple up, checkmate, pair, duet, friction match, cope with, tally, damsel, quartet, minimum, some, domestic partner, lucifer, jibe, Bridget Jones, harmonize, pairing, pas de deux, scatter, bracing, fit, duo, touch, fertile, same, scattering, foursome, secure, bitstock, score, brace, straddle, combine, sprinkling, breeding, gibe, courtship, estrus, duplicate, couple on, span, pin, fecund, scarcity, meet, couplet, quintet, breed, duad, sprinkle, group, pit, compeer, clip, bachelorette, twin, parallel, screw, mate, hang together, check, minority, house husband, copulate, divorce, divorcee, go with, handful, gallus, partner off, geminate, fix, hairsbreadth, match up, complement, duette, asexual reproduction, equalise, bridge, doubleton, equate, orthodontic braces, correspond, match, peer, piece together, dyad, suspender, equal, play off, rival, breeder, smatter, coupling.

Usage examples: