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Definition of coupling:

  1. That which couples or connects, as the coupling of two railway carriages.


relations, mating, unification, span, spousal relationship, climax, mix, trades union, duad, seam, amalgam, twosome, twain, copulation, labor union, encounter, combination, pair, combining, sexual relations, wedlock, coupler, holder, bonk, distich, rubber band, sex act, ejaculation, join, coitus, compound, connect, concoction, union, intercourse, cord, duet, mixture, combo, jumble, pairing, hybrid, coition, rope, blow job, matrimony, conjugation, buggery, sex, yoke, trade union, conglutination, cable, ass, sexual union, couplet, brotherhood, congress, sum, blend, commerce, cybersex, couple, dyad, duo, colligation, safety belt, lovemaking.

Usage examples: