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Definition of court:

  1. An open space of ground attached to a house; a small paved square or space surrounded by houses; the palace of a king, also the persons attached to his person as attendants, council, & c.; a place of justice, likewise the judges and officers engaged there; civility; flattery; the art of pleasing.
  2. To endeavour to please; to woo or pay addresses to a woman; to solicit; to seek.


coronation, class action, dissent, tribunal, court of appeals, lawcourt, go out, enclosure, beg, administration, overplay your hand, crawl, commoner, advocate, carry on, patio, staff, be on your best behavior, House, salute, committal, dally with, quad, alleyway, propitiate, back, work, store up, struggle, be your own worst enemy, greet, tap, judiciary, tempt fate/providence, be asking for something, courtroom, court of justice, adjudicator, attorney, philander, coquet, address, asking for trouble, retinue, law, accede, attorney general, apostrophize, depose, attempt, solicit, place, courtyard, judicatory, cause, do something once too often, the crown, justice, bowl, shoot yourself in the foot, speak to, press for, backyard, action, circus, hail, go with, crease, piazza, approach, county court, jurist, go together, butterfly, try, field, arcade, judicial system, barrister, hook, alley, car park, hall, ring, cost, arena, blind alley, motor inn, chief justice, great, train, motor hotel, strain, suite, judicature, pander to, government, cheat, bleachers, AstroTurf, bailiff, clerk, plaza, circuit judge, judgeship, romance, entourage, go after, the box, the bench, palace, brown-nose, coquette, Margaret Court, date, yard, chat up, push for, quadrangle, cloister, appeals court, royalty, magistrate, crown, clay, appeal, beak, motel, the, close, kowtow, campus, dethrone, fool around, abdicate, cohabit, royal court, try for, kiss someone's ass, balancing act, case, strive, crown court, castle, accession, accost, homage, tourist court, motor lodge, mash, the bar, Chancery, atrium, baseline, square, ruler, rink, woo.

Usage examples: