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Definition of courtesy:

  1. An act of respect or reverence paid by a woman.
  2. Politeness of manners combined with kindness; civility; an act of civility or respect; favour not by right.
  3. To perform an act of respect, & c., as a woman.


complaisance, on the house, discretion, tact, propriety, kindness, respect, all expenses paid, solicitude, grace, courtliness, good breeding, free, beau geste, amiability, turn, geniality, culture, ceremony, with someone's compliments, formality, gentleness, sympathy, chivalry, gift, gratis, favor, pleasantry, generosity, cordiality, gentility, consideration, amenities, ingenuity, address, give, urbanity, compassion, breeding, dexterity, good manners, gallantry, boon, service, affability, complimentary, manners, readiness, courteousness, for nothing, benevolence, blandness, friendliness, accommodation, amenity, adroitness, refinement, compliment, indulgence, genteelness, attention, politesse, deference, cultivation, behavior, n/c, charity, gesture, mercy.

Usage examples: