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Definition of cover up:

Synonyms for cover up:

incubate, report, encompass, compensate, cover, spread over, slip into, dress, enshroud, ruse, underwrite, cut across, put on, cover, plow, wraps, overlook, cut through, dirty tricks, connive, brood, overlay, blanket, wear, embrace, look the other way, handle, mask, overcompensate, try on, penumbra, pall, track, continue, pass over, comprehend, ignore, trick, get across, traverse, turn a blind eye (to something), wink at, subterfuge, wrap up, treat, gloss over, hatch, prank, hood, extend, shroud, coverture, cross, scheme, pull on, get over, clothe, play/act dumb, breed, sweep aside, ploy, hide, robe, address, cope, insure, dodge, hoax, mantle, deal, veil, get dressed, covering, curtain.