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Definition of covert:

  1. A place which covers or shelters; a defence; a shady place; a thicket; a hiding- place.
  2. Concealed; private; secret; disguised; insidious; under protection.


screen door, cover, cloistered, secret, backstairs, sieve, quiet, underhand, protected, under wraps, sheltered, covering, natural covering, isolated, ulterior, concealment, unrevealed, underhanded, screening, subterranean, secretive, under-the-table, cover version, sneaky, behind-the-scenes, cover charge, screen, huggermugger, secure, hiding, projection screen, hush-hush, covering fire, in strict confidence, black, shadowy, secrecy, privacy, book binding, sub-rosa, blind, on the quiet, hole-and-corner, surreptitious, hugger mugger, backstair, collusive, masking, undisclosed, mysterious, retired, disguised, sneak, masked, screenland, filmdom, privy, show, blanket, cloaked, private, backstair, binding, cloak-and-dagger, concealing, cover song, back, sneaking, undercover, privateness, underground, silver screen, stealth, conniving, closet, top, clandestine, furtive, remote.

Usage examples: