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Definition of cow:

  1. Old plu.
  2. The female of the bull; a well- known animal yielding milk for domestic uses.
  3. To depress with fear; to keep under; to dispirit.


Jersey, mau-mau, bulldoze, startle, Brown Swiss, Shorthorn, bossy, dam, dairy cow, dork, jenny, hen, broiler, critter, bludgeon, Kerry, Dutch Belted, scare, wanker, Texas Longhorn, Charolais, Simmenthal, over, fryer, spastic, dipstick, bull, shake up, overawe, bitch, Hereford, blackjack, Durham, panic, doe, Sussex, cretin, French Canadian, chicken, menace, moo-cow, ewe, stupid, duck, strong-arm, girl, Friesian, dunce, Devon, bogart, intimidate, boar, milk cow, Holstein-Friesian, cattle, threaten, hector, chill, bovine, bully, Guernsey, fowl, alarm, Jutland, Longhorn, broiler chicken, jerk, Alderney, Dexter, terrify, Galloway, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, deadhead, browbeat, frighten, frier, bullyrag, hind.

Usage examples: