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Definition of cowardly:

  1. Destitute of courage; timid; base; fearful; dastardly.


recreant, unmanly, backward, caitiff, fearless, dastardly, lily-livered, soft, brave, hateful, milk-livered, afraid/scared of your own shadow, sneaking, feeble, faint-hearted, shaky, cringing, timorous, chickenhearted, dastard, cowering, mean-spirited, craven, irresolute, timid, pusillanimous, faint, evil, awful, shy, running, diffident, fainthearted, panicky, scary, uncharitable, unheroic, funky, unkind, base, retiring, chicken, yellow, cruel, poor-spirited, fear, pitiless, inhuman, shaken, weak, poltroon, fearful, hard, yellow-bellied, monstrous, coward, white-livered, nervous.

Usage examples: