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Definition of cozen:

  1. To cheat.
  2. To cheat; to deceive.


stiff, shake down, fake out, deceive, diddle, bleed, fiddle, have, snooker, suck in, cheat, swindle, lead on, sucker, bilk, stick, betray, burn, honest, spoof, thimblerig, juggle, dupe, short, do, skin, fool, squeeze, pluck, skunk, mislead, defraud, rook, gyp, nobble, screw, gull, buffalo, beat, hustle, have on, trim, take in, hoodwink, hornswoggle, gammon, bluff, misinform, sting, string along, humbug, chouse, beguile, ream, double-cross, gaff, misguide, shortchange, bamboozle, euchre, chisel, victimize, rip off, catch, con, trick, mulct, flimflam, delude, four-flush, do in, take, hoax, snow, hose.

Usage examples: