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Definition of crabbed:

  1. Sour; rough; austere; peevish; morose.


cross, severe, intricate, picky, illiterate, unreadable, splenetic, grouchy, transverse, querulous, sensitive, mean, ill-natured, fractious, snappy, attitude, cursive, illegible, grumpy, gruff, longhand, handwritten, finical, bad-tempered, transversal, graphology, short-tempered, morose, obscure, particular, handwriting, disagreeable, busy, hand, out of sorts, temperamental, ill-tempered, nasty, hot-tempered, waspish, moody, perverse, decipher, dogged, crabby, sullen, sulky, testy, thwartwise, ugly, ill-humored, gloomy, fussy, fretful, finicky, calligraphy.

Usage examples: