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Definition of cradle:

  1. A movable bed in which children are rocked to sleep; infancy; a framework used for various purposes, as in shipbuilding; a rocking- machine.
  2. To lay or rock in a cradle; to nurse tenderly.


provenance, cattle auction, bedside, rocker, carry, bleeper, fountain, calling card, air bed, mother country, dumping ground, seedbed, grip, provenience, Dodge City, font, foundation, answering machine, grab, bedpost, dust trap, cell, fountainhead, birthplace, scaffold, destination, anchorage, hold tight, cameraphone, well, hang on, root, bedstead, rock, stanchion, frame, rafter, place of birth, rock 'n' roll musician, rocking chair, grasp, button, card, 3G, gantry, motherland, joist, support, keep hold of something, beeper, center of excellence, aerie, 4G, bedroll, hold on, home, framework, place of origin, buttress, bedhead, disaster area, clutch, wellspring.

Usage examples: