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Definition of crawfish:

  1. A crustacean or shell- fish of the same genus as the lobster, but smaller, and found in fresh- water streams; crayfish.


sequester, cockle, disengage, unsay, bow out, draw off, recall, back away, crab, rock lobster, take, crayfish, crawdad, langouste, ecrevisse, retire, pull away, swallow, call back, shellfish, abalone, barnacle, conch, move back, retreat, retract, draw, adjourn, cowrie, pull in one's horns, take away, crawdaddy, clam, bivalve, sea crawfish, pull back, take out, draw back, crawfish out, crustacean, spiny lobster, retrograde, recede, call in, remove, withdraw, cockleshell, seclude, sequestrate, take back, back out.

Usage examples: