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Definition of create:

  1. To form out of nothing; to bring into existence by inherent power; to produce from existing materials a body invested with new powers and qualities; to generate; to form anew; to invest with a new character or dignity; to produce or cause.


hit, parent, ca-ca, invoke, crap, hold, name, require, base on, raise, give, arrive at, bring, draw on, take, effectuate, devise, cook, pass water, contrive, make up, wee, grow, work, bring forth, christen, become, yield, pee, trigger, compel, occasion, stimulate, get to, throw, actualize, piddle, puddle, go by, earn, clear, fix, spend a penny, prompt, force, compose, effect, cause, realize, bring about, translate, nominate, call, catalyze, make, beget, pull in, constrain, give rise, ready, attain, baptize, pretend, name after, bring in, have, draw, write, shape, make believe, reach, realise, craft, pee-pee, forge, relieve oneself, score, stool, set off, progress to, spawn, do, start off, set up, bring to pass, erect, bring into being, fashion, gain, number off, acquire, induce, take a leak, farm, indite, bring on, seduce, take a crap, take a shit, organize, author, constitute, model, perform, rear, establish, piss, defecate, wee-wee, result, frame, urinate, get, shit, call after, render, lay down, breed, make out, make water, micturate, bring out, answer to, invest, take in, mint.

Usage examples: