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Definition of creature:

  1. Belonging to the body.
  2. Every living thing except God, the Creator- applied also to inanimate substances; an animal; a human being in contempt or pity; anything produced or imagined; a dependent or tool.


wildcat, human, face, your fellow man/men, tool, mortal, genotype, prick, zoology, target, bogey, plaything, animate being, slob, wolf, stiff, duck, Wight, folk, people, thing, beings, cannon fodder, fauna, chimera, pawn, body, scout, specimen, soul, the human race, customer, character, cookie, whipping boy, guy, sort, putz, stooge, alien, Cinderella, monster, head, daemon, being, organism, humanity, cock, sacrificial lamb, shaft, the many, bod, pecker, boogeyman, life, man, homo, creation, baby, human being, personage, animal, victim, the Abominable Snowman, beast, party, egg, Bigfoot, bunyip, society, person, individual, devil, toy, centaur, bogeyman, savage, marionette, beastie, critter, dick, the animal/plant kingdom, brute, instrument, puppet, peter.

Usage examples: