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Definition of credit:

  1. To confide in; to believe; to trust; to sell goods on trust; to do honour to; to put a payment to an account to lessen its amount.
  2. Trust; reliance on the truth of words spoken; confidence in the sincerity of intentions or actions; good opinion derived from character or social position; power; influence; sale of goods on trust; time allowed for payment of goods not sold for ready money; in book- keeping, one side of an account is called the credit side, the other the debtor side- by is the sign of entry of the former, and to of the latter.


source, assets, brownie points, realisation, bounty, doctrine, reputation, trophy, boast, applause, bank book, debit, reliance, conspicuous consumption, quotation, weight, charge account, borrow, imagine, homage, balance, honor, citation, redound to the honor of, pay in, the credits, paper, bank rate, graduation, APR, confidence, identification, crown jewel, bank statement, give, in, computer address, address, continuance, heft, character reference, accolade, change, acquisition, cash flow, recognise, respite, assurance, sway, banking, pull, appropriation, jewel, credit rating, admiration, bank, deferred payment, distinction, goodie, bank draft, honorable mention, borrower, alias, suspect, backstory, consultation, be a great/firm believer in something, amount, accredit, bay, bond, denotation, repute, book of facts, master class, content, reflect well on, creed, action, conviction, cameo, bit part, respect, contrivance, commendation, consumption, bad guy, opinion, ad-lib, believe in, comparison-shop, leverage, coursework, charge card, kudos, open, regard, recognition, good guy, chorus, act, comic relief, acknowledgment, aside, credence, pride, compliment, BIPS, bailout, promote, wealth, close, clout, laud, praise, mention, character, clinic, course credit, reference point, bankroll, brand loyalty, extension, sun, knowledge, authority, belief, laurels, reckon, reference work, draw, baddy, treasure, prestige, r├ęclame, reference, props, module, deposit, placement, think, dissertation, budget, a pat on the back, recognize, acclaim, juice, quote, point of reference, faith, do honor to, blood money, reference book, extra, credit entry, caveat emptor, denouement, realization.

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