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Definition of crescendo:

  1. In music, a mark over a passage or note to indicate that it is to be sung with an increasing volume of sound.


summit, top, leap, apogee, upswing, high tide, noontime, chord, rise, arpeggio, acme, milestone, lilt, the point of no return, mode, harmony, head, discord, climax, high noon, crown, watershed, culmination, turning point, tip-top, sum, high-water mark, upsurge, jump, breaking point, drumming, surge, meridian, counterpoint, flourish, crossroads, apex, noon, highlight, the moment of truth, excerpt, capstone, increasing, spurt, pinnacle, music, descant, breakbeat, drumroll, dissonance, peak, ne plus ultra, accompaniment, explosion, cadence, crest, zenith, coda.

Usage examples: