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Definition of crescent:

  1. Growing.
  2. Increasing.
  3. The moon in the form of a curve, broad in the centre and tapering towards the two ends, called the horns; anything so shaped, as a block of buildings or houses; the emblem on the national standard of Turkey, in the form of a hollow half- moon.


backstreet, lune, ball, Dr., lunate, waxing moon, demilune, burka, crescent-shaped, caliph, lunula, band, cone, semilunar, concave figure, bowl, chador, dervish, sickle, caliphate, moon, burqa, Boulevard, convex figure, bubble, Avenue, cul-de-sac, Ave., ayatollah, horned, coil, waning moon, bulge, Blvd., bicephalous, rounded, half-moon, Allah, Black Muslim, close, balloon, Drive.

Usage examples: