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Definition of crest:

  1. The plume of feathers or a like ornament on the top of an ancient helmet; the helmet itself; the comb on the head of a bird; pride; courage; the figure or device that surmounts a coat of arms; the foamy top of a wave; the highest part of a hill or ridge.


poll, bakshish, payoff, cockscomb, high, ne plus ultra, circus tent, high noon, climber, gratuity, tuft, upside, abseil, tiptop, climbing wall, heraldry, crownwork, collar, heyday, backsheesh, cast up, efflorescence, extremum, cairn, blossom, flower, steer, confidential information, low tide, jacket, pourboire, round top, deepen, brae, treetop, sum, beak, whirligig, ascend, plume, fastigium, eyeshade, flood tide, high-water mark, coat of arms, diadem, noontime, ascent, summit meeting, down, pate, brink, climb, culminate, breaker, prime, climbing, head, crescendo, upper side, elevation, bloom, high tide, catch, flush, bill, big top, wind, billow, teetotum, course, vizor, height, escarpment, gizzard, bakshis, herald, dash, crag, excite, divide, feather, canyoneering, jacket crown, burst, top side, channel, visor, point, capstone, break, tip-top, pennant, the brow, lead, backwash, caving, meridian, top of the inning, baksheesh, escutcheon, vertex, noon, breast, comb, spinning top, cover, come in, apogee, superlative, high water, base camp.

Usage examples: