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Definition of crib:

  1. The rack or manger out of which cattle feed; any small building; a bed or sleeping- place, chiefly applied to one occupied by a child; often used to signify a book for unfairly assisting schoolboys in the preparation of lessons.
  2. To shut or confine in a small space; to pilfer.


bedpost, bread bin, blue book, fingerstall, exam, habitation, blackboard, examination, town, cake tin, occupier, bedhead, the home front, lope, can, bedstead, home, stall, cookie jar, chalkboard, pony, cot, breadbox, occupant, words, shot glass, fake, essay, examiner, jog, eraser, coolbox, jigger, cheat, a roof over your head, abode, environment, dictation, caddy, classwork, Baggie, manger, address, plagiarize, get your hands dirty, insinuate yourself (into something), trot, all-nighter, air bed, crib note, hustle, bedside, pack, candidate, give, bedroll, borderline, be caught with your hand in the cookie jar, falsify, pirate, camp bed, cribbage, exercise book, certificate, cheat sheet, copy, mock.

Usage examples: