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Definition of crime:

  1. A violation or breaking of some human or divine law; a serious fault; iniquity.


offence, shame, goad, deterrence, diablerie, immorality, evil, count, debt, criminality, abhorrence, negligence, hatred, offensive, curse, pity, disincentive, discourtesy, detestation, misconduct, bummer, good, misdeed, wrongdoing, deviltry, law-breaking, execration, blow, sin, offensive activity, wickedness, delinquency, depravity, evildoing, case, deterrent, scandal, villainy, illegality, abuse, trespass, umbrage, wrong, error, kiss of death, misdoing, annoyance, lawbreaking, malefaction, corruption, aversion, enormity, criminal offence, dereliction, abomination, hammer blow, lawlessness, vice, horror, criminal offense, plague, nuisance, disgrace, iniquity, cloud, malfeasance, peccancy, right, disgust, attempt.

Usage examples: