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Definition of crimson:

  1. A deep- red colour; a red colour in general; a red inclining to purple.
  2. Having the colour of crimson.
  3. To dye with crimson; to be tinged with red; to blush.


sluice, wild, chromatic, level, baby-blue, red, coloured, redden, carmine, even, bloody, rosy, bluish, florid, blood-red, ablaze, colorful, flushed, black, cherry, blush, ruby, bloom, sanguine, amethyst, color, vehement, glow, reddened, rosy-cheeked, color, rose-cheeked, colored, tearing, avocado, ruddy, amber, fierce, inflamed, purge, blue, red-faced, reddish, deep red, violent, even out, alabaster, azure, mantle, in color, claret, trigger-happy, flush, cherry red, express, blushful, scarlet, scour, ruby-red, cerise, aflame, beige, rubicund.

Usage examples: