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Definition of crisp:

  1. Curled; formed into ringlets or curls; brittle; easily broken short; in bot., having an undulated or curling margin.
  2. To wrinkle; to curl.


quirky, wintry, alert, fresh, colorfast, fast, spanking, flake, crunchy, chip shot, frizzy, furrow, declamatory, diffuse, fleck, whipping, baked potato, check, center, scrunch, natty, mordacious, cow chip, crease, fries, nappy, ruckle, high-speed, invigorating, compendious, braise, penetrative, hard, frosty, perverted, charbroil, trim, baste, snug, pithy, chatty, aphoristic, nippy, hunker down, candyfloss, way-out, sententious, home fries, apothegmatic, fibrous, flaky, at full speed/tilt/throttle, thumbnail, ripe, crispy, frigid, rakish, friable, picked up, tidied, brickle, mash, distinct, compact, nimble, terse, drink, kempt, silicon chip, hunker, prim, thud, snappy, rimy, scrap, far-out, crispen, kinky, bonbon, jaunty, wrinkle, broil, micro chip, crumple, bandbox, cold, epigrammatic, chilled, tidy, glacial, calorific, zippy, creased, clean, laconic, frizzly, barbed, caramel, orderly, economical, crinkle, bake, caramelized, smug, antiseptic, scrunch up, French fries, stimulating, firm, incisive, curly, cream, diaphanous, tender, groomed, Saratoga chip, agile, astute, burn, barbecue, lively, creamy, conversational, brief, rake, raffish, jacket potato, toast, candy bar, microchip, crouch, pungent, uncluttered, brusk, monosyllabic, filmy, cow dung, rumple, penetrating, shrill, chew, rattling, needlelike, spruce, sharp, discursive, summary, candy apple, boil down, succinct, deft, candy cane, dashing, curt, bit, candy, offbeat, wassail, cellular, distressed, precipitous, squat, quick, snappish, concise, swift, biting, chewy, embrittled, breathable, salute, crumbly, knifelike, brown, latke, microprocessor chip, capsule, brushed, pledge, elliptical, hash browns, merry, shrewd, nipping, potato chip, acuate, trig, graze, dapper, buffalo chip, buttery, purse, chipping, spiffy, frozen, rimed, splintering, parky, bracing, telegraphic, circuitous, sharp-worded, well-groomed, speedy, poker chip, crump, bubble gum, chip, piercing, discriminating, shipshape, articulate, boil.

Usage examples: